Specialist in LDPE Pipes, HDPE Pipes, PVC Pipes, UPVC Pipes, and CPVC Pipes are some of the piping systems that FORCA Group produces. FORCA Group is the leading maker of ERW pipes and is well-diversified in a variety of piping systems. These pipes are employed in a number of different purposes, including the delivery of hot and cold water, drainage, irrigation water, borewell water, and gas distribution systems.

For hot and cold water distribution, compressed air and gas piping systems, FORCA MLC Pipe is a cutting-edge piping system that successfully integrates the advantages of both plastic and metal in a single pipe. We provide a broad selection of high-quality pipes, fittings, equipment, and accessories that are suited to the needs of the piping system.

At FORCA l MLC Pipes, we periodically check and test our goods over an extended period of time. Material standards and long-term characteristics are constantly monitored by our on-site laboratory. This gives our Research and Development department the solid basis it needs to improve products.

As a consequence, the plumbing and pipe system will always be of the greatest quality and use the most advanced technology. Our selection of plastic fittings is intended especially for Indian plumbing methods.

The five-layer FORCA PE-AL-PE composite pipe system has an aluminium core that is wrapped in polyethylene on both the inside and outside. Intermediate adhesive layers provide as a lasting connection between all of the layers. Vectus Composite pipes’ aluminium layer thickness has been chosen to satisfy specifications for compressive and flexural strength. The aluminium core effectively stops oxygen or other gases from leaking into the pipe due to its extreme diffusion tightness. It restricts and lessens heat expansion and snap back pressures brought on by temperature changes.

Black composite pipes from FORCA are produced in accordance with IS 15450:2004, and yellow composite pipes with ASTM F-1 282. The sizes of the pipes and fittings that are offered range from 1 014mm to 4050mm

The FORCA pipe combines the greatest qualities of aluminium and polyethylene to create a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant pipe. FORCA pipe prevents the unacceptable thermal expansion and distortion of plastic pipe by connecting the two materials with adhesive layers. At the same time, it keeps the plastic-associated flexibility, frost resistance, and use.


FORCA MLC Pipes combine the advantages of plastic and metal pipes while also doing away with their respective drawbacks. The aluminium core effectively stops oxygen or other gases from leaking into the pipe due to its extreme diffusion tightness. With temperature changes, it adjusts for and lessens snap-back pressures and heat expansion


High dependability and a straightforward, no-special-tools-needed installation method are two advantages of EZ Fittings. Compression, or tightening the nut against the tapered split ring, creates the permanent pipe union. The two components’ profiles are made to cause the split ring to gradually shrink and to evenly distribute compression forces throughout the contact area. O-Rings, a unique slip-proof profile used in seal housing design, are placed directly in contact with the pipe


We are dedicated to satisfying all of our clients’ needs, both internal and external, while keeping in mind the calibre of our goods and services. With the goal of DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, our philosophy focuses on preventative measures and a creative approach to make total quality a way of life. In order to reduce non-conformance, produce an output free of errors, and improve the quality of our products and services, we will work to foster a culture inside the organisation that encourages workers and suppliers. Each employee and supplier has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of quality.


Malleable : The flexibility of FORCA makes it special. FORCA is simple to curve, is hand-settable, and may only need bending springs for tight bends with radii as small as five times the pipe diameter. Unlike plastic plumbing pipes, which require extra clips or brackets to maintain the shape of bends or curves, FORCA permanently keeps whatever shape it is moulded into.

Non-corrosive Systems made of FORCA don’t corrode. won’t ever pit or have pinholes from rough water that cause early failure.

Smooth surface: This prevents a persistent buildup of scale and a decrease in flow. On the smooth walls of FORCA pipes, soluble encrustants like calcium carbonate do not readily precipitate. Additionally, there is no decrease in flow.

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