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Residential and commercial buildings both need fixed windows. With our UPVC Fixed Windows, you can be assured that they are made of the finest materials and the latest technology to meet your needs and expectations for long-lasting, effective, and beautiful designs. You can also call fixed windows picture windows, and a stationary, non-opening window provides light and unobstructed views outside a room.

Further, Forca’s UPVC fixed windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. When deciding which type of fixed window to purchase, you have several design options to choose from. Our fixed windows are also available in various design options that complement your home’s aesthetic appeal. You may pair them with other fixed windows to create a unique style statement.

The Forca is a UPVC fixed windows manufacturer that strives for perfection. Our fixed windows are made with the highest level of precision using the best manufacturing infrastructure. You can get a wide range of fixed windows from Forca, including custom-made ones and fixed windows with glass designs. You can also get affordable UPVC fixed windows from us. A fixed window offers unobstructed views of the outside and lets the most natural light into a room, making it perfect for spaces without air ventilation or egress issues.

Since fixed windows don’t open, they also help to enhance the thermal and sound insulation properties of UPVC windows. We make our UPVC fixed glass windows with precision with top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment. Fixed glass windows from Forca vary in price depending on the type of glass, the size, and other factors, and Forca fixed windows come with precise installation and prompt customer service.


  • Continual exposure to natural light
  • Clear views of the outdoors
  • Proper seals prevent the accumulation of rainwater or cleaning water
  • Lasts for a long time

What makes our UPVC fixed window manufacturers so special?

  • Resistant to weather – A window made of UPVC is resistant to weather changes, corrosive agents, and maintains its physical properties for a long time. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, smog, fog, and heat.
  • Soundproofing – Windows and doors made from UPVC are made with sound-dampening properties that reduce noise by 30-40 decibels. You’ll be able to enjoy any weather condition and create a peaceful home environment with our acoustic windows and doors.
  • Eco-friendly – The UPVC material has insufficient heat conductivity, which means it cannot transfer heat. Thus, the house or office is maintained at the appropriate temperature, which reduces energy consumption.
  • Free of bugs – Our UPVC fixed windows manufacturer in Delhi provides UPVC doors and windows that are compatible with mosquito mesh. It provides effective ventilation and also prevents insects from entering.
  • Reduced maintenance – The maintenance requirements for the uPVC windows and doors are significantly lower. They can be cleaned with common detergents easily. Furthermore, they are resistant to UV rays, rain, and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, are becoming increasingly popular. The cost of installing Forca’s picture windows depends on several factors, like the material of construction, design, size, etc. Many of our materials are UPVC, aluminum, etc., and you’ll pay more for UPVC fixed windows. Contact us if you want more info.

Forca fixed frame windows use high-quality UPVC, so they’re extremely durable and robust, contributing to their long lifespan. A fixed frame window made of UPVC requires less maintenance and is resistant to termites, corrosion, dust, etc. Moreover, they prevent storm and rainwater seepage, making them even more durable.

Forca fixed windows are made of UPVC that is of high quality. UPVC is highly energy efficient and low maintenance because it is composed of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Their strength, versatility, and durability make them a wise choice. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure ensures the highest level of precision in our products. Furthermore, our fixed UPVC windows provide sound insulation and protection against rainwater seepage, so the cost is totally justified.

Forca fixed frame windows are manufactured in high-quality manufacturing facilities using high-quality UPVC material. We make our windows with double and triple glazing, airtight seals, and fusion-welded joints so they last longer. Forca UPVC fixed windows will save you money on electricity. Further, we let customers customize their windows. If you want more information about the windows, contact us.



  • Allows you a clear, unobstructed vision of the outer world.
  • Allows maximum solar exposure and is extremely energy efficient.
  • It provides excellent sound isolation.
  • Rainwater seepage and storm damage are protected.
  • With its airtight seals, it keeps out noise, dust, heat, and pollution.

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