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Bi-fold sliding doors are also referred to as folding and sliding doors. You can add an architectural feature to your home that ensures its safety and enhances its aesthetic appeal with these doors. Forca UPVC Slide and Fold Doors will help you create a beautiful ambiance within your home by transforming it into a magnificently contemporary space.

No doubt, our products are among the most artistic and effective methods of opening up your home without compromising its open feel. Having been a leading UPVC Slide and Fold Doors Manufacturer for many years, Forca stands out in the industry. We offer the highest quality UPVC sliding and folding doors.

Our UPVC Slide and Fold Doors in Delhi creates a greater volume of usable space in a room than a traditional door. The fenestration experts at Forca make sure that each of the sliding bi-fold doors is manufactured with immaculate precision and fits your home perfectly.

The application

  • Designed to provide maximum reinforcement space for large windows and doors.
  • An ideal solution for hallways and bedrooms, as it allows 66% of the space to be opened.

The advantages

  • Its aesthetically pleasing design ensures strong and shining performance.
  • A minimum amount of air leakage has been designed to prevent noise, dust, and thermal leaks.
  • It provides a better view and more light with a minimum vertical separator.
  • Wind resistance booster bars enhance window strength further, allowing larger windows to be manufactured.


  • The panel slides smoothly and is fitted with heavy-duty hardware
  • Featuring a heavy load bearing capacity and a large panel size
  • Double compression seals are more effective at sealing out the elements
  • A hardware system with internal linkages is easy to operate
  • You may stop the slider panel midway (e.g., to allow partial opening)
  • It is possible to enjoy the great outdoors without compromising security.

What makes Forca a better choice?

The UPVC windows and doors produced by Forca, (Slide and Fold Doors Manufacturer) are made from top-notch materials, making them suitable for the extreme weather conditions found in India. By using our products, you can create a home that is aesthetically pleasing, offers protection, remains silent, and is noise and dust resistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The slide-and-fold UPVC door is designed to be stackable and can fold and slide into one or more positions. Throughout the process, there is no obstruction or hindrance between indoors and outdoors.

Both sliding and bifold doors have high utility and performance, so you can pick either one. Slide & fold and bifold doors, which stack completely on one end, let you see the outside without obstruction, but sliding doors save space and are easier to operate.

The purchase of a UPVC slide and fold door represents an extremely valuable investment that pays off tremendously in the long term. The doors are highly durable and last for many years with little maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about repairs.

Comparatively, UPVC sliding doors are an investment with a high return on investment that is well worth the investment. The superior energy efficiency of these units not only reduces the cost of electricity, but also allows for efficient ventilation.

The strength and durability of UPVC sliding doors are critical to ensure that they can withstand constant opening and closing, primarily to the outside. Consequently, they are made of durable materials and last for about 30 years when properly maintained.


  • Stunning View
  • Energy Efficiency Operational Ease
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting
  • Attractiveness

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