FORCA has established a reputation as a vibrant, quality-driven corporation with a strong focus on the future. The company’s mission is to provide high quality products at affordable costs to its customers, whether it’s pipes and fittings, bathroom fittings, or water storage systems; FORCA has continuously delivered on that promise. Plumbing, sanitation, water supply, infrastructure, agriculture, oil and gas, and construction are just a few of the industries in which we have a presence. It produces piping systems and accessories for those who want to build incredible homes at an inexpensive price.

We produce a wide range of products, and our large production capacity enables us to meet both individual customers’ smallest, most personal needs as well as the retail and distribution needs of retailers, dealers, exporters, and distributors.

While manufacturing various types of plumbing solutions, international quality regulations and standards are followed which include but are not limited to CPVC Pipes & Fittings, uPVC Plumbing System, uPVC SWR Piping Systems, uPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings, Elastomeric (Ring Fit Pipes), uPVC Column Pipe, Well Casing Pipes, HDPE Pipe, HDPE Sprinkler Systems & Cable Ducts, and Adhesives.


FORCA CPVC pipes and fittings are made from a special blend of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material that meets IS:15778 standards and has unique physical properties that make them ideal for piping applications. They are designed for use in both residential and commercial hot and cold water distribution systems. The maximum service temperature for these pipes and fittings is 93°C, and the design stress is 2000 PSI.


For water distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, the FORCA uPVC Plumbing System is a hassle-free and cost-effective option. These pipes offer a number of advantages over traditional piping systems, demonstrating that they are more suited. They are non-toxic and lead-free, makes them suitable for use in potable water pipes. The system’s ease of use and installation adds to its benefits, as it is not only rapid but also efficient, and it can be done using low-cost tools. This also aids in the reduction of labour and installation costs. The plumbing system is a low-maintenance option that is also long-lasting and non-corrosive.


FORCA Pipes manufactures a variety of polyethylene pipes, including High Density (HDPE) pipes, that meet a variety of standards, including BIS, BS, DIN, and ISO, to mention a few. HDPE has a high creep-rupture resistance and is very resistant to stress cracking. It has good insulating qualities across a wide frequency range and is chemically inert. These pipes are one of the two largest and most versatile thermoplastic pipelines available.

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer made up of long ethylene or ethane chains. It’s a waxy thermoplastic having a density that’s lower than that of water. The only two additions added to polyethylene are carbon black, which is used to add strength and improve the weathering qualities of the material, and trace levels of antioxidants. The pipes and fittings are available in three grades: PE 63, PE 80, and PE 100, all of which comply with IS-4984.


With its vast selection of Pipes & Fittings in various diameters and pressure classes, the FORCA Pressure Piping System is a perfect solution for water delivery and irrigation. Farmers, water supply bodies, and various government entities have all adopted it as their preferred option. These pipes provide a corrosion-free, maintenance-free solution for a longer service life.

Here at FORCA, we have two different types of pressure pipes with different sorts of joints, solvent cement type and rubber seal type. A wide range of molded fittings as well as a large range of handcrafted fittings are also available. FORCA Pressure Pipes and Fittings are made in accordance with IS-4985 and IS-7834.


In the drainage business, the SWR Piping System is a very cost-effective and simple-to-use equipment. It is appropriate for drainage of soil waste and rain water application in residential, commercial, and industrial structures, and it complies with ISI-13592-92 and ISI-14735-99 for the fittings. For a long, rust-free, corrosion-free service life, the FORCA Draining System provides a maintenance-free solution. With its superlative solutions, the pipes provide to a wide range of sewage needs, from domestic SWR piping systems to double-walled corrugated piping for large-scale drainage. It is preferable to traditional piping systems because of its quality and functionality.

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