Forca - French Windows

French windows are among the finest and most popular types of windows available today. They are known for their signature style around the world, and they have not only made a major impact on homeowners but also on architects.

Forca is a leading UPVC French Windows Manufacturer that offers the most qualified French window style on the market, along with high levels of strength and safety. The French window is a modified casement window. The Windows variants in this segment provide excellent illumination and ease of operation, contributing to their technicality and durability.

Four locking mechanisms are built into Forca windows as UPVC French Windows Suppliers to provide high levels of security and safety. The other protective and strong glass that we install on our products is a complementary feature that Forca offers to French windows. As a result, the glass composition is of superior quality and is one of the unbreakable types.

Forca French windows are made from UPVC, which is environmentally friendly, robust, and durable. Forca’s French doors provide ventilation that keeps the atmosphere relaxing while maintaining a high coefficient of strength and safety. Forca’s French doors maintain the traditional aesthetic of the windows.

As Forca values every individual’s choice in color, we offer a wide selection of colors to ensure that your home looks as beautiful as you wish. Our windows, as a UPVC French Windows Manufacturer in Delhi, are designed by recognized international designers to ensure they complement the interior decor of your home.

Special Features

  • Adaptable to all weather conditions.
  • Dust and waterproof design with extra drain slots.
  • There’s a noise isolation guarantee.
  • Glass packaging that’s thick and certified.
  • Four chambers of high acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • The profile is 60mm wide for better grip.
  • Having more than 2.5mm of wall thickness in a profile is good.
  • GI reinforcement to stop whistling and rattling.

Reasons to choose Forca French Windows

  • The Forca UPVC French Windows are made with UPVC material and are designed in a simple, attractive way.
  • Various colors and designs to match your decor
  • Lighten up your home with natural light and fresh air
  • Various looks are available, and the profile and hardware come with years of warranty.


French windows, which are positioned on the side walls of the floor, offer an unobstructed view of the outside. A hinge is mounted on each side wall of the floor to help with this.

A flying (or floating) mullion adorns this type of window, creating one big opening without any structural elements to obstruct the view. It’s why some taller French windows are classified as doors but can still be walked through like windows.

French windows have two glass panels on either side that open inward or outward to provide uninterrupted views.

A minimum of direct heat is emitted from the windows, keeping the room cool and preventing furniture from fading. You can leave your windows and shutters closed during hot summer nights to keep bugs out.

When installing French windows, as long as they are installed correctly, it is pretty safe. French windows and doors are just as secure and safe as standard doors, as they use the same locking system.

When you have limited garden space, you can install French doors inwards instead of outwards. Hide your hinges inside so your house is covered in them, making your home more secure.


  • Windows with structural improvements
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation
  • Protection from inclement weather
  • Windows with many chambers
  • Design, colour, size, and hardware are all customizable.

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