Forca – SWR Drainage System

The SWR drainage system is highly flexible, tough, and durable due to its high tensile and impact strength. It doesn’t scale, rust, weather, or react chemically and is immune to bacterial, fungal, microorganism, and bug attacks. An SWR drainage system provides a long-term solution for building drainage with a minimum 50-year life. Aside from its various benefits, it’s also cheaper than conventional drainage.

Forca is the top-known SWR pipe manufacturer in India. The PVC SWR pipes and fittings are joined with solvent cement. Forca’s SWR (Soil, Waste, and Rainwater) Drainage System includes products for residential and industrial properties.

We offer PVC SWR pipes and fittings in Ring-Fit and Self-Fit options, with SWR pipes manufactured according to IS 13592 and SWR fittings according to IS 14735. Our sewage pipes are socketed on state-of-the-art online belling machines, and our fittings are made on collapsible ring-fit molds with uniform groove sizes, which ensures a perfect joint every time.

As an SWR Drainage System Manufacturer, our pipes and fittings are made from high-quality raw materials and are the best way to eliminate waste. You’ll find SWR pipes and fittings in plenty of places, including the transport of soil, waste, and rainwater, industrial drainage, and waste disposal systems in residential and commercial complexes, resorts, and hospitals.

The Forca PVC SWR pipe system is a suitable replacement for CI and GI pipes because it is lightweight, economical, non-corrosive, UV-stabilized, and highly durable. So it’s incredibly climate-resistant and has a smooth inner surface that prevents clogging. A rigorous quality assurance process at every stage of SWR pipes Suppliers in Delhi makes Forca PVC SWR pipes a preferred choice for leading MEP consultants, architects, builders, plumbers, and plumbing contractors.

Features of our SWR Drainage System

  • The cement is not solvent-based
  • Costs and labor are reduced
  • Ensure complete leak proofing
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Flow rates are high
  • There is no choking risk
  • Protection against UV rays

Advantages of our SWR Drainage System

  • Installation is quick and easy
  • The most cost-effective solution
  • Yellow Ring technology facilitates thermal expansion and contraction
  • Dimensional accuracy and perfection

Fields of Application

A drainage system is installed in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes, and industries, among other places.


SWR refers to soil, waste, and rainwater pipes for building drainage systems. You can use different kinds of SWR pipes and fittings in water distribution. They’re often used in underground water networks to prevent leaks, and there’s no clogging, sedimentation, or corrosion in these pipes. Pipes for drainage and sewage are usually polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene (PP).

There are three applications for SWR

  • Building drainage discharges (soil and waste)
  • Discharge of rainwater
  • The ventilation of foul gases and odors.

Generally, drainage and sewage systems use pipes and fittings for soil, wastewater, and rainwater. It is common to use Forca pipes because they are resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and their durability and ability to resist bacteria, fungi, and insects make them ideal outdoors. Our pipes are great for homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals, and other public places.

The Forca SWR drainage piping system is extremely durable and efficient. There’s no clogging or choke-up because the inner surface is mirror smooth. The system doesn’t leak, and it’s designed to keep things clean and hygienic. As SWR Drainage System Suppliers, our PVC pipes have high tensile strength, are durable, and are highly resilient. SWR pipes are usually made of PVC, a non-metallic material that’s corrosion-resistant. These pipes are lightweight and have rubber joints, so they’re easy to install.

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