Premium-quality HDPE Pipes & Fittings in Delhi

Forca uses polyethene to create high-density polyethylene pipes. Municipal, industrial, maritime, mining, landfill, duct, and agricultural applications can all benefit from this cost-effective pipe system. It has been shown to perform well in both open-air and underground configurations and in buried and buoyant ones. In addition to clean water and wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes, and compressed gases can all be transported by polyethene HDPE pipes in India. It has an illustrious history of contributing to the growth of gas, oil, mining, and other sectors.

The HDPE pipe manufactured by Forca is robust, exceedingly tough, and long-lasting. Polyethylene pipe has a wide range of desirable characteristics, including durability, ease of installation, adaptability, chemical resistance, and more.


  • Main water lines, plumbing for homes, and submersible pump column pipes
  • Agriculture and irrigation, including sprinkler and drip systems
  • Coal handling in mines, industrial uses, and underground drainage and sewage systems

HDPE Pipe Benefits

When compared to traditional metal pipes like iron or galvanized steel, HDPE tubing is noted for being far more portable. These pipes are both versatile and dependable, with a level of corrosion and chemical resistance that is unparalleled. Chemicals and other potentially combustible substances are often carried through these conduits. Since polyethene has a higher density than other typical pipe materials, it is far more durable. HDPE couplings are used to connect various pipe sizes and materials. The most common types of fittings include flange fittings, end cap fittings, reducers, Tees, and so on.

HDPE pipes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths. When opposed to exposed wires in the air, buried electronic or communications cables in HDPE pipes are safer from damage caused by the elements, animals, plants, vehicles, and vandals.

Because of their low weight, HDPE pipes require little in the way of preparation for either installation or transportation. These pipes may be easily repaired by cutting off the damaged section, replacing just that section, and reconnecting the two ends. Butt fusion describes this procedure. However, corroded and damaged galvanized iron must be replaced entirely. Therefore, using galvanized steel pipes incurs additional costs over time.

Why choose Forca HDPE?

Our Experience

We have been supplying pipes for thousands of construction jobs for years. Our customers come from all walks of life, including state, federal, and municipal governments, Indian railroads, cement and sugar factories, granite quarries, and farms and homes.

The superiority of Our Product

The word “quality” frequently appears in our conversations. Here, though, it is meant literally. At Forca, we use rigorous Quality Assurance procedures throughout, beginning with the procurement of raw materials and culminating with the shipping of the final product.

Reliable customer service

Other businesses have come and gone, but we plan on being around for a very long time. When you have an issue, you can always count on us to respond quickly and professionally.

Buy high-quality HDPE pipes in India

Forca is a leading HDPE pipe supplier in India, and the company is expanding rapidly.

Forca pipes offer a reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective option for delivering drinking water, irrigating crops, and connecting to bore wells. Forca HDPE Pipes in Delhi are made using

cutting-edge technology and only the highest quality virgin raw materials. Each batch of raw materials and final items must pass exhaustive quality control testing to guarantee they meet or exceed all applicable national and international regulations. Forca is committed to satisfying the needs of its clients by delivering superior products and services.

High-density polyethylene or HDPE is a commonly used petroleum thermoplastic and the most used of the three polyethylenes for a wide range of applications.

HDPE can be sterilized by boiling, it’s excellent material for food and beverage containers. Finally, HDPE plastic is pretty much impervious to most common chemicals, water, solvents, acids, detergents, and cleaning fluids.


Virgin raw material:  HDPE pipes are produced from the premium quality of High-Density Polyethylene polymers (PE 63, PE80, and PE100), which allow for versatility and great abrasion and temperature resistance. The improved material allows for a smooth internal surface, which allows for higher flow and smaller frictional losses.

Excellent adaptability: HDPE Pipes Installation are easier to handle and ship over long distances due to the intrinsic flexibility, which makes hauling and shipping easier. This feature allows for simpler installation.

Resistance to Crush: Because these pipes are generally put beneath the soil surface, they interact with a variety of soil and water sources. HDPE has excellent crush resistance, which helps to reduce product damage. Furthermore, HDPE pipes do not support microbiological development and have excellent flow qualities throughout their lifetime.

Hydrostatic strength is superior: HDPE pipes have better hydrostatic strength, which gives the pipe body performance and toughness under high-pressure flow. We were able to make lighter pipes without sacrificing the product’s robustness. The pipes for potable water supply are easy to transport and install because of their modest weight. Forca Pipes are the best HDPE Pipes Suppliers in Delhi.

Odourless and toxin-free: HDPE pipes and CPVC Pipes are completely odourless and toxic-free. This assurance confirms our commitment to provide 100 percent safe, contaminant-free drinking water.

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