Latest uPVC Windows And Doors: Designs & Applications

Latest uPVC Windows And Doors: Designs & Applications

uPVC is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a building material used to manufacture windows and doors. Offering a high degree of security, durability, and cost-effectiveness, uPVC is here to stay for long. With the passage of time, there have been major improvements in the designs and applications of uPVC doors and windows. 


Choosing the right UPVC frame for your home or workplace can be a daunting task. However, with guidance, choosing the right style, pattern, and glass for window and door frames can quickly transform and energize the interior of a space. 


Several factors influence the decision of selecting the right type of uPVC door or window, including the size of the room, the location, the amount of available space, personal preferences, and budget. 


If you are confused about which design to go for, this blog will help you make the final decision.

Sliding doors and windows

You can open or close these windows and doors by sliding them from one side to the other. They require more maintenance as compared to other types of uPVC doors and windows. 


Applications: Ideal for places with limited space, flats, walkways, decks, etc.

Casement doors and windows

Casement doors and windows are commonly used across the world. They come with a side hinge swinging outward for opening with ease and provide good ventilation while allowing enough light to enter your space.


Application: Ideal for small windows, Kitchens, Bedrooms, AC rooms, etc.


Fixed windows

If you want a window that offers high insulation and resistance from the outside world but also provides an amazing outside view, opt for fixed windows. You cannot open these windows as they are permanently attached to the wall.


Application: Workspace, buildings with any architectural style, etc.


Tilt & Turn doors and windows

These are low maintenance doors and windows wherein windows can be opened from top/bottom or left/right and doors can be opened from left or right. They are visually appealing and allow proper ventilation and sunlight to enter the space.


Application: Rooms with garden or terrace, living rooms, etc.


French doors and windows

You can use French doors as both interior and exterior doors as they can link two rooms or spaces. These doors and windows are highly energy efficient as they transfer the light from one room/space to the other. 


Application: Idea for first-floor windows, balconies, gardens, etc.


Think of your requirements and consider all the factors mentioned above to decide which type of uPVC door/window you wish to install in your home or workspace or any other area. Once you have decided, reach out to the Forca team and see your dreams turning into reality.