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French doors are lightweight glass with panes extending from top to bottom. Their elegant design, long-lasting durability, and smooth operation make them ideal for commercial and residential buildings. There are both standard and customized sizes available.

Commercial and residential projects often use UPVC French doors as part of their architectural design. Depending on the home’s interior, French doors may be designed to open either inwards or outwards, as they are hinged on both sides.

Forca offers UPVC French Doors in India that can be opened either inwards or outwards, depending on your preference. When you install them, you will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and add a sense of colonial architectural style to it. The French Door is considered to be the most secure type of door, and this is because it has only one handle from the inside, therefore providing a high level of security to the home.

If your home has a balcony or patio area, you should consider purchasing Forca UPVC French Doors. Featuring multi-point locks, UPVC frames, and durable all-weather construction, our French doors are designed with luxurious finishes.

Prominent features

  • A total of four locking mechanisms provide safety and security for our French doors.
  • A device that is easy to use, comfortable, and accessible
  • A high-quality UPVC product manufactured to the highest standards
  • Expertly designed by a team of highly qualified professionals.
  • There is no difficulty opening and closing the windows.
  • Designed to avoid obstructions and look fashionable at the same time
  • Features an inward and outward opening style.

Trust Forca to install your UPVC French doors!

As a leading UPVC French door supplier, Forca is available to assist you with all your UPVC requirements from the time you inform us of your requirements through the completion of your project. Our UPVC solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Solutions to reduce energy consumption
  • Noise cancellation
  • Providing safety solutions
  • Solutions for burglar-proofing
  • A tailored approach

Frequently Asked Questions

A UPVC French door has a double-hinged design that opens inwards or outwards. Our UPVC French doors usually have glass panes covering most of their length, making them lightweight. Adding Forca UPVC French doors will improve the elegance of your living space and make it a lot more comfortable.

Customizing UPVC French Doors to suit your home’s theme and aesthetic is easy. There are so many styles, colors, and designs to choose from.

Without a doubt! These French doors are made from UPVC and are highly durable. They’re highly resistant to pitting, peeling, rotting, drying out, and even termites. Even after decades, they don’t show any signs of weathering. The UPVC French Door’s protective coating keeps its color from fading due to the harsh UV rays.

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